An attempt at revolution from my couch


From each

It is my understanding that the average human being would forsake material wealth if they were offered

A task which they had a talent for

At which they could constantly improve

And for which they would receive appreciation and respect

It is in my opinion that the government has a responsibility to provide such jobs to each and every one of its citizens.

In exchange it would receive content well mannered citizens.

but i’m a communist so don’t listen to me.


On the Subject of Meat

See, in every cell of an animal there is excrement. When an animal dies this shit doesn’t just disappear. It’s still waiting for the blood to come pump it out.

So when i watch you eat that steak i am literally, to my perspective, watching you shovel cow shit into your mouth. That’s exactly what it smells like.

And, of course, that meat isn’t magically bestowed clean just because a human killed it in a certain way or it is one of those special animals that god picked for humans to eat (or that we severely modified genetically through forced incest, depending on your reality).

A nice slab of uncooked pork is no substantially different from a possum lying by the side of the road. You’d have to cook both but the detrimental effects from eating the uncooked pig, a possibly 12′ worm living in your gut that has to be lured out by starving you then coaxing it out through your mouth with a bit of ground chuck, are a bit worse in my opinion. Uncooked oppossum, maybe the runs.

That thing starts rotting the second the blood starts flowing. It’s just a dead body… just sitting there eager to sprout maggots.

There is no real difference between the constituent matter that consists of grandma as she lies in the casket than the cold cuts that are being passed around.

As long as she is cooked (like our pig) there is no reason we should let that prime meat go to waste.

Same shit. Just primitive superstition that keeps us at bay.

(Never eat uncooked human. Those are human diseases in there. You would definitely catch them.)

Sure there are tons of ethical and environmental reasons… but mainly i just don’t dig on rotten shit filled corpse.

I’m really glad i haven’t paid anyone to kill a cow for me in a long time…. but mostly i just don’t dig on filthy animals… and animals are filthy.

Btw, when you eat a chicken that you paid someone to keep in a cage the size of your microwave for its entire life, after cutting its beak and legs off, then say “Hunting is cruel.” i do want to punch you in the face. i do. So yeah…. i guess ethics is part of it…. But not the inciting reason.

Blood and Shit.

that’s what i don’t launch into every dumbfuck gets in my face and says “why are you a vegetarian” 100 times in a tone that implies my existence offends them in some way.

“ha ha ha. every reason.”
“because i don’t want to be a pathetic carrion scavenger”

It’s cool to turn your back on mainstream media… but try not to point your nose in the direction of some basement dwelling high school drop out troglodyte’s vomit.

If we stage the world as an overcrowded classroom with each student representing a different nation we will find that the US, despite what our desperate patriots may think, is not the teacher. The US is not the grade A student in the front row. The US isn’t the class president. The US shows exceptionalism in only one way…. She is the kid who brought the gun to class and keeps waving it around.


Just sitting here, kicking back, thinking about education

and i have formed an opinion

breaking away from the liberal pack for a moment

I don’t think the government should pay for higher education, or even subsidize it

I think it is a huge waste of money…. because most college degrees are a waste of money.

I believe that government should 100% subsidize trade schools.

We do need those “shovel ready jobs”.

There is a massive shortage of welders… etc. but our idle workforce just aren’t qualified.

We, as a country, need to get the skills and the know how needed to build and run this country on a practical level.

We need Engineers and Computer Programmers.  We need to be investing (yes, investing) in our basic needs to keep this country running and moving into the future.

The Liberal Arts degree…. and all those related… are vital to our country as well but simply work out to be luxuries in the workforce instead of base necessities.


Boiled down….

The Government should 100% pay for education for the jobs that are at most demand in the work force,

then taper off their assistance as that demand goes down the line.

Can we agree on this or am i pissing off the useless poli sci majors?

Take it to Congress


So maybe some of you didn’t know this….. but we get our news from For Profit companies. That means the things we see are the VERY MOST INTERESTING things to see. The most interesting thing of all (look through literature) is conflict.

We are not just talking about Murder here. Or even War.
What you are fed about how america thinks is highly polluted… When you see a rally you are only seeing the MOST INTERESTING people at that Rally. The furthest extremists. The biggest nutbags.

If these news stations (it doesn’t matter which slant) or papers can convince you there is a BATTLE ROYALE going on then they’ve got you tuning in to find out how it turns out.

You know how most people think about hot button issues? They don’t give a fuck. They are thinking about their laundry list and the price of gas. They are wondering if anybody loves them and if they are going to have a job tomorrow. They don’t give a fuck about the war or abortion or any of the rest of it. They care about themselves and what is going to affect their day to day life.

The people at the Rally? You know you only saw the most outlandish queens at the gay pride parade… why would you assume you were seeing the average rally goer?

I actually had a friend tell me that this US of A was going to break into Civil War within our lifetimes. That he firmly believed there was no way the Left and Right were going to be able to exist in peace and harmony. Violence!!

He was that tuned into the News that he completely lost sight of the waking reality around him…. that not one of his coworkers would ever be willing to pick up a gun and fight and die for an ideology they barely subscribe to.

The News though…. the News…. “What is going to happen next on the Issue of ABORTION?!!!?” “ARE WE GOING TO KEEP FEEDING THE POOR?!”

We need to be informed. We need to know. But we must keep in mind that our nightly broadcast is designed to keep us watching and they are going to go to any lengths they can to polarize that information and give you a Protagonist and an Antagonist. They are going to build it up to as much of a climax as they can. They are going to portray it as dramatically as possible…. because nobody wants to read a book called Samwise Gamgee Had a Pleasant Second Breakfast… even if real life really just is a string of second breakfasts.


Sadly, until someone finds a way to make a quality trustworthy nonprofit way to convey information about society we are stuck with it.  Capitalism is broken but we haven’t designed a Communism that works.  Fuck.

Human Landfill

From a different angle.

What if it really isn’t about race?

What if it has nothing to do with Otherness?

What if we would not only treat Quebecois with the same hostility as the Latino… but if unemployed Canadians came swimming across the Great Lakes seeking opportunity we’d gang rape them and leave them wandering naked in the snow?

(unfortunate testimony from a former scout sniper turned border guard: this is a frequent occurence down Texas way.)

What if the issue is that human beings are no longer needed?

This species is allegedly the greatest thing to ever happen to this planet.  Shouldn’t we be eagerly greeting more of the magnificent wonderful creatures  who were made in God’s image?

We are getting free people!

People for FREE!

But we don’t want those.  Oh no.  Oh fuck no.

We have no fucking use for more humans.

What could they possibly do for us?

How could they help us?

They can’t.  They would simply be a drain on the system.  They would be competing with the useless people we already have for useless menial jobs.

We have evolved up in such a way that humans themselves are waste.  People are a burden.  People are garbage.  Finally history has reached the point where we don’t need a helping hand or two… we just need a LABOR SAVING DEVICE!!!

Fuck people.  All they do is swarm.  The less like us the more prone they are to leeching and defecating in the street.

Kick them out.  Kick out people we don’t like.

Citizenship now requires an Ivy Leage Degree and a padded Trust fund.

Everybody else?  Get the fuck out.  Head to the squalorhole from whence you came.  Five minutes time and you are straight to the landfill.  Five minutes time we doze your bull.

Because we don’t fucking need you.  Brown or Black, White Red or Yellow… you are worthless.  You are extraneous.  You fulfill no valid function.


“oh, i already have some of those.  why didn’t you get me something from the registry.”

and this train of though can explain half of it for some

but if it is this devaluative pessimism…

why are the same guys who oppose immigation

also oppose birth control?

(that’s a Gotcha question, Sarah)

don’t mind me

just rambling high

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